foto Mariangela (ph. Leo Mariani)At the age of 23, Mariangela Rossi conducted her first interview in Hollywood with movie director Tony Richardson for her University graduate degree. She dreamt of becoming a screenwriter or film critic, but the young woman of Ligurian and Tuscan descent, who had long called Milan her home, eventually decided to pursue a career as a lifestyle and travel writer. During her journeys around the world, she discovered the extraordinary universe of perfume, a sense she had already cultivated as a child thanks to her well-traveled and inspirational grandmother. Enthralled, Mariangela delved passionately into the world of scents: taking notes, writing, selecting unusual herbs and spices from different countries, interviewing the industry’s top “noses” and following them into the Rose de Mai plantations and olfactory laboratories in Grasse, France. In 2004, her experiences culminated in the publication of “The Book of Scents,” one of the very first Italian works on perfumery. During her prolific writing career, Mariangela has authored several books about life’s pleasures, including wellness, eco-lifestyles and glamour, and once again, perfume. She is very fond of New York, where she has been living for some time, as well as of contemporary oriental art, reading, gardening, hospitality, design, silence, peonies, antiques and the lives of intriguing women (not necessarily in that order!), and these themes often recur in her stories. Constantly on the move and in pursuit of beauty and originality, her articles are featured regularly in Elle Italy and other magazines, such as How to Spend it, Dove and Il Secolo XIX. She has also created and organized olfactory events and Scent Tours for luxury hotels: fragrant itineraries in which visitors discover and savor the local scents of their destination. At the end of 2015, Mariangela launched a new project which brings her two major passions, travel and perfume, together. Ready to smell?candles began as a capsule collection for Christmas 2015 and soon became a timeless, luxury brand whose craftsmanship conveys the finest in Italian art, style and elegance. Frescoes, tapestries and friezes of iconic Italian buildings inspired the brand’s visual design, while the places most dear to her heart – Portofino, Milan and Tuscany – became the olfactive muse for each candle. Scented items for sophisticated travelers who appreciate beauty and relish the unique atmosphere that only a perfume can bestow.


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